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Mat117 aprendix Z 1.(2x-3)(2x+3) 2. 27a2 +49>= 2a2 +1 3. 6/9 <= x/18 +1 4. Describe how you would graph number three on a number l...


Mat117 aprendix Z





2.  27a2 +49>= 2a2 +1


3.  6/9 <= x/18 +1


4.  Describe how you would graph number three on a number line. Tell me the value(s) you would use and what type of brackets you would use.


5. (36x^2 y^6 z^7)/(9x^2 y^-3 z^5)


6.  (1.998 *1027)/(1.31*1019)



7.  (7-3x4)2



8.  ( d-3)4


9.  (32X3 - 40X2 -36X -4) / (8X+4)


10.   10-5


11. perimeter


12.  (-3a+5b-c)-(-8b+5c-9d)


13. Suppose it takes three (3) days for a space vehicle to travel from Earth to the moon. About how long would it take the same vehicle traveling at the same speed to reach Venus?

14. The base of right triangle is 4 cm greater than the height. The area is 16cm2. Find the height and the length of the base.

15.  81x2 - 16 =0



16. Factor by grouping 2x3 -2x2-x+1

                step 1 - put (_) around first and then second pair of terms as follows:

                step 2 - find the GCF of the first and second (_)

                step 3- find the GCF of the entire expression to get



17. Biologists want to set up a station to test alligators in the lake for West Nile Virus. Suppose that the costs for such a station are $2,500 for setup costs and $3.00 to administer each test.

    1. Write an expression that gives the total cost to test x animals.
    2. You can find the average cost per animal by dividing total costs by number of animals. Write the expression that gives the average cost per animal.
    3. Find the average cost per animal for 10 animals, 100 animals, and 1,000 animals.
    4. How many animals should be tested for the average cost to be $5.00 per animal?