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BEH225 Introduction To Behavioral Science
PSY400 Social Psychology
PSY475 Psychological Tests And Measurements
PSY250 Psychology Of Personality
PSY320 Human Motivation
PSY340 Biological Foundations In Psychology
PSY410 Abnormal Psychology
PSY428 Organizational Psychology PSY450 Diversity And Cultural Factors In Psychology
PSY103 Introduction To Psychology
PSY300 General Psychology
PSY310 History And Systems In Psychology
PSY315 Statistical Reasoning In Psychology
PSY375 Life Span Human Development
PSY390 Learning And Cognition
PSY425 Chemical Dependency In The Workplace
PSY430 Team Dynamics For Managers
PSY435 Industrial/organizational Psychology
PSY460 Environmental Psychology
PSY301 Emotional Intelligence
PSY355 Motivational Processes In Human Psychology
PSY360 Cognitive Psychology
PSY405 Theories Of Personality
PSYCH535 Multicultural Psychology
PSYCH504 Personality Theories
PSYCH545 Survey Of Professional Psychology
PSYCH550 Psychology Of Learning
PSYCH500 Lifespan Development
PSYCH540 Research Methodology
PSYCH555 Social Psychology

PSYCH515 Advanced Abnormal Psychology
PSYCH560 Cognitive Psychology
PSYCH525 Measurements And Statistics
PSYCH570 Organizational Psychology
PSYCH575 Physiological Psychology


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I am currently majoring In Psychology and Biology

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I can provide solutions not remedy.