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HUM130 Religions Of The World
LIT210 World Literature
CRT205 Critical Thinking
HUM205 World Culture And The Arts
HUM105 World Mythology
HUM300 The Global Village
ARTS125 Pop Culture And The Arts
HUM103 Survey Of The Performing Arts
ARTS230 Survey Of The Visual Arts
ARTS340 Exploration Of Western Classical Music
HUM100 Intro To The Humanities I-the Ancient World To Medieval Time
ARTS100 Introduction To The Visual And Performing Arts
HUM266 Art Through The Ages
HUM102 Intro To The Humanities II Renaissance To The Present
MUS265 Introduction To Jazz
BSHS312 Models Of Effective Helping
BSHS322 Communication Skills For The Human Services Professional
BSHS402 Case Management
BSHS452 Program Design And Proposal Writing
BSHS442 Advocacy And Mediation
BSHS302 Introduction To Human Services
BSHS342 Human Lifespan Development
BSHS332 Professional, Ethical, And Legal Issues In Human Services
BSHS352 Technology In Human Services
BSHS382 Research And Statistics
BSHS422 Cultural Diversity And Special Populations
BSHS462 Building Community In Organizations
BSHS471 Mental Health And Crisis Intervention Practices
REL134 World Religious Traditions II
REL133 World Religious Traditions I


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