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ENG101 Effective Essay Writing
ENG102 Research Writing
ENG495 Advanced Creative Writing
ENG340 Creative Writing
ENG380 Applied Linguistics
ENG221 Technical Writing Fundamentals
ENG130 Introduction To Academic Writing
ENG215 Effective Academic Writing
SPAN112 Conversational Spanish II
SPAN110 Conversational Spanish I
ENG493 English Literature To 1800
ENG155 Mythology In Literature And Life
ENG157 Multicultural Literature
ENG492 American Literature Since 1860
ENG306 Poetry And Society
ENG308 American Autobiography
ENG106 Survey Of Literary Masterpieces
ENG120 Business Literature
ENG304 Shakespeare
ENG437 Literary Genres Across Cultures
ENG491 American Literature To 1860
ENG494 English Literature Since 1800
ENG125 Literature In Society
ENG301 American Ethnic Literature
ENG302 20th Century American Literature
ENG496 African American Literature


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