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  • Business Management
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Brief Description:

Mature and well seasoned professional in Business Management-theory & practise

Detailed Profile:

Hello friends, I am basically an engineer first with proficiency in business management. I like to trade in ideas and concepts. There is a whole virgin world out there where very few people have explored, because they do not know the way. I would like to try and show you the process of finding your way to this world. All the best

Qualification and Experiance:

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering and Post graduate Diploma in Business Management. 19years of professional experience as a Project Engineer, Business Development Manager and 3 years experience in freelance writing.

Some other areas I can vend concepts to you are include Managerial Accountancy, Business Finance, Energy-traditional and new,English, Creative Writing, Engineering-Civil & Mechanical, Humanities, Criminology, Philosophy, Economics, Statistics etc etc. Don\\\\\\\'t be surprised by the area I have covered above since

\\\\\\\" All human knowledge are not separate but are essentially parallel channels along the highway of alternate truth. At times, some merge with it but some are still continuing.\\\\\\\"

Concept Vendor: Vendor of concepts since the last 48 months.

Description of Service Charges:

My fee will be based on per page rate. One page of information with research done, citations give