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Q: What is Online Solution Providers?

A: Online Solution Providers is a forum as well as a comprehensive library. If you are a student and facing problem in your exams preparations as well as, quizzes, questions, assignments, homework of any subject, just contact us through "Ask Question" and we will immediately respond you. We also have a library comprising thousands of solved tutorials on each subject and you may get your detailed tutorial in few minutes by searching from the relavent categories. If you could not find your tutorial from our library, don't worry, simply post your question to us by clicking "Ask Question" and we will respond you with tutorial. You will get your tutorials at a price as low as $1. If you are a professional, we are also for you. follow the easy way described above and get your problems resolved. We are also inviting experts for all our listed categories. If you are expert join our team and earn an endless earnings by posting tutorials and answering questions of our clients.

Q: How does "Ask Question" work?

A:To ask a question, simply click on the 'Ask Question' link. Fill in all the fields with whatever pertains to your specific question. Decide how much money you would be willing to pay for a solution or tutorial and then just hit "Submit"Once that is done, your question will be posted to the Online Solution Providers site for tutors to access and help you out.

Q: Earn money by posting tutorials?

A: We are also inviting experts for all our listed categories. If you are expert join our team and earn an endless earnings by posting tutorials and answering questions of our clients. You can earn a lot because your tutorial will be saved in library and will be available for resale. So you can get your tutorial sold many times. We will charge only 30% on your each sale for maintenance and up-gradation of this forum.

Q: Is there any rating system?

A: We are working to introduce a rating system so that our clients can give rating on the solutions they get. This rating system will also help in judging the quality of work already sold and available in library for resale.

Q: Is there any referrals system?

A: Referral system will be introduced soon

Q: What is Academic Honesty Policy for Students

A: Online Solution Providers is a forum to get help learning how to solve homework questions, how to prepare for exams, quizzes, and tests but we are not here to encourage cheating! It is the responsibility of all students to:


  • Don't get their entire assignment done from this forum


  • Don't ask tutors to write essays, thesis or paper for you


  • Don't get their quizzes, exams, tests done from tutors of this forum.


  • Don't post a question unless implicit or explicit permission to do so, copyright infringement     will not be tolerated.



  • Don't turn in tutorial from here as your own work. It is cheating! We will ban and delete you from Online Solution Providers forever if you will be found in any of the above said activities as we have no intention to promote cheating culture.

    Q: What is Academic Honesty Policy for Tutors

    A: We want you to earn endless money on Online Solution Providers. But remember, Your duty is to teach students and guide professionals not help in cheating.


  • Provide detailed tutorials with explanations that can help students understand the relevant concept, Your tutorial should not be imited to just answers.


  • Never entertain the request of writing complete essays, thesis or papers for students as well as professionals.


  • Never entertain the request to attempt exams, tests, quizzes on behalf of any student.

    Q: Can we Advertise on your website?

    A: Yes we are also offering advertising on our website at nominal rates. Please contact us for details.

    Q: What is Online Shop?

    A: we are also introducing "Online Shop" from where you can get books and many more items of your interest. Onilne Shop is comming soon.

    Q: How do i get my money?

    A: You will get your money through paypal. We are going to introduce payment through check very soon.

    Q: When do i get my money?

    A: Expert/Tutor will be eligible to withdraw their earnings when his account balance reach $25. He can send us a withdrawal request at

    Q: Do i have to pay money to start posting tutorials

    A: You can sign up for a Online Solution Providers account and immediately start posting tutorials, thereby earning money. No initial payment is required

    Q: The Fees Schedule?

    A: 1) Asking Questions: We do not charge fees for asking questions here

        2) Buying Tutorials: We do not charge fees for buying tutorials from our site

        3) Selling Tutorials: A small of amount of commission @30% of tutorial invoice value.

        4) We will deduct only actual cost of sending money to you at the time of withdrawal 

    Q: Online Solution Providers Copyright Notification Policy

    Online Solution Providers takes its intellectual property obligations seriously. You may please file a notice with us if you came to know and firmly believe in good faith that any question, assignment or material of any kind posted in the Online Solution Providers infringes your copyright in an original work. We will respond back to you at our earliest. Please send us an email in the case of above said infringement setting out the following:

    1. A detailed description of the material that you believe in good faith has been infringed including the URL within the Online Solution Providers website on which you found this infringement.

    2. The document proving that you are the true owner of the material under discussion.

    3. Your personal information including name, address, telephone number and e-mail address, so that Online Solution Providers can contact you to investigate and resolve the problem on urgent basis.

    4. The following statement: "I have a good faith belief that the use of the material in the manner complained of is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law. I swear, under penalty of perjury, that the information in this notice is accurate and that I am the copyright owner or am authorized to act on behalf of the owner of an exclusive right that is allegedly infringed."

    5. Your physical or electronic signature. Please send your notice to:

    We will conduct an immediate and appropriate inquiry on the basis of your notice. Our inquiry may include the verification of evidence provided by you as well as contacting the person who posted the material under discussion. We will remain in touch with you during our inquiry and will inform you about progress from time to time. We will immediately delete/remove/disable access to the material reported under alleged infringement. We would like to highlight that you may also be subject to liability under all applicable laws if you would be involved in material misrepresentation of the case of alleged infringement.

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