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69060 2014-05-15 Computer and I.T Security System In context of financial security banks are the most reliable and secured place to k... $15.00
69066 2014-05-15 Business Management BUSINESS MANAGEMENT Reduction of expenses for organization is very important and today, every busin... $6.00
69068 2014-05-15 Accounting Nottaway flooring produces custom-made floor tiles. The company's raw material inventory account con... $6.00
69075 2014-05-15 Business Management The memo begins with the common introduction material: Date: To: From: Subject: Your ... $5.00
69077 2014-05-15 Business Management Trouble by Ethical Dilemmas In the organizations around the world there is a situation that manager... $6.00
69086 2014-05-15 Accounting Off Road, Inc. (ORI) is considering a new product—a shock absorbing seat cushion to be sold to... $4.00
69087 2014-05-15 Accounting Off Road, Inc. (ORI) sells a dune buggy accessory: a gun rack for the roll bar. Actual 2002 and esti... $4.00
69088 2014-05-15 Business Management About Digital promotional strategy • Write a short essay that explains 2 pages 1) what promot... $4.00
69089 2014-05-15 Business Management Amy Kimbell is a 31 year old single woman with no children. She is engaged to be married to Graham, ... $3.00
69094 2014-05-15 Business Management Using an appropriate range of relevant sources, analyze the ways in which the attitudes of managers ... $10.00
69096 2014-05-15 Business Management Write the three-paragraph elevator pitch for steinway (i.e., a statement of target market, value pro... $10.00
69099 2014-05-15 Accounting The purpose of this project is to relate the concepts discussed in class to what Human Resource Mana... $20.00
69100 2014-05-15 Accounting Renson Corporation, a wholesaler, provided the following information: Month Merchandis... $5.00
69106 2014-05-15 Business Management "Digital Communication" The outline should provide details of any audio visual aids or other types o... $20.00
69117 2014-05-15 Business Management Case Analysis Current paper is in relation to a particular organization Red Lobster. The organizati... $10.00
69118 2014-05-15 Accounting 1. Wachowicz Corporation issued 15-year, noncallable, 7.5% annual coupon bonds at their... $5.00
69119 2014-05-15 Accounting 1. To help finance a major expansion, Castro Chemical Company sold a noncallable bond several years ... $6.00
69120 2014-05-15 Accounting A ratio calculated in the analysis of financial stat... $5.00
69134 2014-05-15 Accounting You are the investigator assigned to Apollo Shoes. Based on the nature of the company and the eviden... $8.00
69136 2014-05-15 Accounting Thorley Inc. is considering a project that has the following cash flow data. What is the project's I... $2.00
69137 2014-05-15 Business and Finance Anderson Systems is considering a project that has the following cash flow and WACC data. What is th... $3.00
69145 2014-05-15 Business and Finance Calculate the price of a stock that has a one-period horizon, is expected to pay a dividend of $.20 ... $3.00
69150 2014-05-15 Business and Finance Calculate the price of a stock with a three-year horizon, when the stock is expected to pay $2.50 pe... $3.00
69153 2014-05-15 Accounting Using the Gordon Growth Model, what is the price of a stock which is expected to pay a dividend of $... $3.00
69154 2014-05-15 Accounting JetBlue Airways Corporation (JBLU) reports the following in its latest quarterly report: Authori... $4.00
69155 2014-05-15 Accounting An investor is holding a portfolio containing a risk-free asset and a risky asset. The expected retu... $4.00
69156 2014-05-15 Accounting What is the beta of a stock with an expected return E(ri) = 18%, when the risk-free rate rF = 6%, an... $2.00
69157 2014-05-15 Accounting Suppose the rate of return on short-term government securities (perceived to be risk-free) is 5%. Su... $4.00
69159 2014-05-15 Education and Teaching Sub Cultures in USA There are various subcultures in the country of Untied States of America. The su... $7.00
69161 2014-05-15 Accounting Two mutually exclusive investments cost $10,000 each and have the following cash inflows. The firm&r... $5.00