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97694 2014-10-28 Business Management You have been notified by your general manager that four of the line managers in your department hav... $15.00
27621 2013-03-18 Accounting Tuscarora Hardwoods, a custom manufacturer of furniture, uses job-order costing. The following tran.... $4.00
27622 2013-03-18 Business and Finance URBAN LOFTS BROOKLYN, NY BACKGROUND The Property, located in Brooklyn, New York, is a 326,608 gro... $25.00
27623 2013-03-18 Business Management Integrative Cae The Donor Services Department General steps to follow (for both writing and present... $10.00
27594 2013-03-16 Business Management Emotional intelligence abilities and their relationships with team processesby Nicholas ClarkeSchool... $20.00
27595 2013-03-16 Marketing Managment Frito-Lay, Inc.Sun Chips™ Multigrain Snacks summarizing the main marketing problem, the key f... $10.00
27596 2013-03-16 Marketing Managment Cisco Systems, Inc Implementing ERP Case summary 600 words ... $10.00
27597 2013-03-16 Marketing Managment Activity Based Management at W.S.Industries (A) For the case discussion, we have to response to the... $10.00
27598 2013-03-16 Business Management How Cost Accounting Distorts Product Costs. summarize the article "How Cost Accounting Distorts Pro... $10.00
27599 2013-03-16 Marketing Managment Olympus Optical Company, Ltd Cost Management for Sort Life-Cycle Produtcs Case analysis 3000 wor... $30.00
27600 2013-03-16 Marketing Managment Electrohome: Projection Systems Division You need to place yourself into the position of a consulta... $10.00
27601 2013-03-16 Marketing Managment Cost Management is Lean Manufacturing Organization Summary of article 350 words... $7.00
27602 2013-03-16 Accounting You are provided with the following figures for J.B. Scott Inc. for the 2010 year. Direct Labor 57... $5.00
27603 2013-03-16 Marketing Managment Baxton Technology Case Analysis 600 words... $10.00
27604 2013-03-16 Marketing Managment Newell Rubbermaid: Strategy in Transition a written analysis of the problems/ solution to the case.... $15.00
27605 2013-03-16 Business and Finance The midtown women’s center offers bone densitometry scans in the office as a convenience to it... $7.00
27606 2013-03-16 Business and Finance Determining charges for private pay residents shady rest nursing has 100 residents. The administrato... $7.00
27607 2013-03-16 Business and Finance Add or drop with net present value analysis: Franklin county hospital, a nonprofit hospital, bought ... $6.00
27608 2013-03-16 Business Management Why quantitative easing monetery policy does not cause higher inflation in US? using macroeconomic i... $6.00
27609 2013-03-16 Business and Finance You are part of a team proposing the development of a new two-bladed doodad. The project was begun e... $35.00
27610 2013-03-16 Business and Finance CumberlandCompany has had the following experience over the past five quarters: Units produced El... $5.00
27611 2013-03-16 Business and Finance County Museum is planning a fund-raising dinner. The initial plan was to charge $75/ticket. Catering... $5.00
27612 2013-03-16 Business and Finance Ram Industries produces two products in its Windsor, CO plant: X5 and Y12. For the coming year, budg... $6.00
27613 2013-03-16 Business and Finance Diltex Farm Supply is located in a small town in the rural west. Data regarding the store's operatio... $6.00
27614 2013-03-16 Business and Finance Chae Corporation uses the weighted-average method in its process costing system. This month, the beg... $5.00
27615 2013-03-16 Marketing Managment write a 3 page paper or reporter about : Micro Enterprise and Micro Finance - Definition of 'Microe... $10.00
27616 2013-03-16 Business and Finance Cascade Water Company ( CWC) currently has 30,000,000 shares of common stock out-standing that trade... $10.00
27617 2013-03-16 Business Management Should Fred hire Mimi despite her online history?We Googled You 1100 words case analysis... $12.00
27618 2013-03-16 Business and Finance A company has just hired you as its new senior accountant. As part of your job duties, you will be r... $20.00
27619 2013-03-16 Business Management Claymore Consultants: Organising for survival In 1989 Angus Buchanan, a marketing specialist, and H... $20.00