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98890 2014-11-14 Business and Finance Listed below are account balances taken from the adjusted trial balance of Alpha Inc. as of December... $15.00
98886 2014-11-13 Business and Finance Iceman Inc Your boss, Mr. Kuklinski, believes that Southern California will soon run short of water.... $25.00
21045 2012-09-18 Business and Finance After Dan's analysis of East Coast Yachts' cash flow (at the end of our previous chapter), Larissa a... $25.00
20445 2012-08-06 Business and Finance In making capital budgeting decisions, the principal focus is on: Choose one answer. Cash flows ... $4.00
20401 2012-07-30 Accounting Which of the following is not a batch-level activity? a) Inspection b) Assembling c) Purchase ord... $10.00
20416 2012-07-30 Business and Finance There are 3 most common legal forms of business organization. Name those 3: A. B. C. 2. The... $20.00
18084 2012-02-28 Business and Finance GBUS 2060 Exam 2 Personal consumption expenditures (PCE) does not include: Choose one answer. a. ... $20.00
18083 2012-02-25 Business and Finance FINA5103N01-22937 Exam 1 Edwards Electronics recently reported $687 of sales, $219 of operating c... $20.00
18081 2012-02-24 Business and Finance FIN 315 Quiz 2 Ch 5 Unit 6 : Week 6 When a loan is amortized, a relatively high percentage of the p... $10.00
18082 2012-02-24 Business and Finance An asset is impaired when the asset’s carrying (net book) value is: a. greater than the sum o... $18.00
18024 2012-02-21 Business and Finance Wise Company completes these transactions during April of the current year (the terms of all its cre... $10.00
18001 2012-02-16 Business and Finance The following data (in thousands of dollars) have been taken from the accounting records of Larsen C... $10.00
17903 2012-02-11 Business and Finance The ledger of Molindo Company has the following work in process account. Work in Process-Painting... $5.00
17913 2012-02-11 Business and Finance Castleberry products manufacture three product lines: A, B, and C. the following information is avai... $6.00
17915 2012-02-11 Business and Finance Information taken from recent annual reports of two retailers follows (amounts in thousands). Dan&rs... $5.00
17916 2012-02-11 Business and Finance The following relates to the activities of Eli Lilly, a pharmaceutical company (amounts in millions)... $5.00
17917 2012-02-11 Business and Finance Canopy Corporation rent out tents for large parties thrown for such things as graduations, weddings ... $3.00
17918 2012-02-11 Business and Finance Each of the following is an independent situation. Case 1: Accounts receivable, beginning balance ... $6.00
17919 2012-02-11 Business and Finance The following transactions occurred for a company that uses the direct method to prepare its stateme... $5.00
17920 2012-02-11 Business and Finance The following transactions occurred for a company during the year. a) Purchased a 6-month certifica... $5.00
17921 2012-02-11 Business and Finance The following account balances are for the noncash current assets and current liabilities of Wynn Bi... $5.00
17922 2012-02-11 Business and Finance For which of the following reconciling items would an adjusting entry be necessary? A. A deposit in... $8.00
17923 2012-02-11 Business and Finance Orpah, Inc. borrowed $12,000 for 4 months on a discount basis. The lender used an interest rate of 8... $8.00
17924 2012-02-11 Business and Finance Using the percentage of receivables method for recording bad debts expense, estimated uncollectible ... $10.00
17925 2012-02-11 Business and Finance The partial financial statement items below were taken from the financial statements of Calibar Comp... $5.00
17926 2012-02-11 Business and Finance The following items are taken from the financial statements of LBJ Company for 2010: Accounts Payab... $5.00
17927 2012-02-11 Business and Finance The Oxford Company has budgeted sales revenues as follows: January February March Credit sales... $4.00
17928 2012-02-11 Business and Finance Your friend, Joe, plans to open a parking garage business with cash payments required. Joe states th... $4.00
17930 2012-02-11 Business and Finance After the success of the company’s first two months, Santana Rey continues to operate Business... $15.00
17931 2012-02-11 Business and Finance Wakers, Inc., has sales of $29 million, total assets of $43 million, and total debt of $13 million. ... $3.00