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(Infringement Notification Procedure)
In this document "We", "our", "us" are the Online Solution Providers or OSP and "Our Website"


"Contents" and other terms could be understood and taken as defined in our terms and conditions applicable today otherwise if not defined here in particular context of this document.


Online Solution Providers is a market place so the contents posted by third parties at Our Website is not controlled or verified by us with respect to its true ownership. So the publisher of the content is considered the owner or author of that content or an authorized person to publish this content on behalf of the owner unless proved contrary.  The publisher before publishing any content at our website accepts the responsibility of its legitimacy and releases us from any liability later by accepting terms of use for Our Website.


However OSP respects the intellectual property rights of others. If you believe that your work has been infringed by means of an improper posting or distribution of it via Our Website, then please do notify us by using the contact us form for "Notification of Copyright Claim". We will be happy to play a positive role and immediately will remove the contents subject to this issue unless this is resolved between the both parties counter claiming.

On receipt of Notification of Claimed Infringement we will adopt  the following procedure:


1.Expeditiously remove or disable access to the material that is claimed to be infringing.

2.Notify the alleged infringer ("Publisher") of the infringement claim(s) and that the material claimed to be infringing has been removed or that access to the material has been disabled.

3.Upon receipt of notice from us the Publisher may accept the guilt and agree to remove the content from the website by duly excusing you.

4.If we don't hear from the Publisher within 15 days of Notification delivery, the disputed material will be removed permanently from our website without any liability to us and the "Original Party" who first submitted the Notification of Claim be informed.

5.The Publisher may provide a "Counter Notification" including the information and evidence about the copyright or belonging of alleged material to him. In this case we shall provide an opportunity to both parties for mediation before going for arbitration or litigation so that issue may be resolved amicably between both parties. OSP will never be a party so our role will be limited to the provision of contact details of each of them to contact and sit for mediation.

6.The Counter Notification will be sent within 15 days of receipt to Original Party by OSP to investigate and resolve the issue. Now the both parties will have access to details of each and all relevant information on dispute(Infringed material).

7.On Counter Notification if Original Party doesn't respond within 15 days of its issuance at email address provided in Notification of Claim, this will be deemed that Original Party has accepted the claim in Counter Notification and consents to resume disabled or removed alleged material.



Further Information

Further information on our terms and conditions or  Copyright infringement procedure or any queries on them can be obtained by contacting us here "Contact Us"