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OSP is your gateway to the dynamic and fast paced world of online education. At onlinesolutionproviders, we are determined to make it the best platform for web based tutors and students to connect with each other. Now students looking for school or college tutoring do not have to go through the agony of finding an expert through newspapers or other lethargic means; rather best experts providing tutoring services on all the subjects are just a click away.

OSP, essentially, is offering two kinds of services to the students and online tutors. Firstly, students can ask a question or put a query on the websites. This question will be seen by the multiple tutors who will propose the tutorial along with the price they will charge. Secondly, clients can buy tutorials on our website. There are numerous tutorials available on our website addressing various academic issues. Students can buy those tutorials by making an online payment.

OSP offers equally exciting opportunities for those wants to become an online tutor. Aspiring web based experts can make a profile with OSP for the numerous students looking for web teacher. Apart from creating a profile, they can also upload a tutorial and earn on the sale of their tutorial.

Precisely, OSP is an online space for you to keep up with the incessantly evolving world of education. We are committed to remove the geographical barriers and make the interaction between students and teachers convenient and economically.