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Academic honesty is of vital concern and a core value of OSP.  We expect from Parties for good order that they will take care of the followings while their dealing at OSP:


·         The customer is provided with complete tutorials, helping material and explanations, not just answers.

·         The expert never be asked or he himself commit to write essays or papers or to take quizzes, exams tests for customer/client.

·         Any unauthorized aid

·         The tutorials are only for help and assistance of customer by the expert not to pass any exam for the customer.


That is clearly unfair to represents the work of others as their own. Such activity represents a form of fraud.


Using any quantity of material from one or more web sites or other published sources without acknowledgement and attempting to pass it off as one's own work by violating the copyrights of someone is simply a cheating and dishonesty and a crime overall.


This is the ethical responsibility of all users of Our Website to engage in honest communication.


If you are found involved in this activity directly or facilitating someone we may restrict your access to Our Website without any intimation. This action by us cannot be challenged.


If you are a Provider, you will forfeit any money OSP owe to you, as a penalty, on a sole discretion of us.


You agree and consent that the terms of our Academic Honesty Policy are fair and justified.

Further information on these terms and conditions or any queries on them can be

obtained by contacting us here "Contact Us"